The Kissing Hand Craft

I love to read The Kissing Hand during the first week of school. It is such a heart-warming story and my students always love it!


After reading the story, we make our own kissing hands to hang in the classroom. Students trace their hands on a piece of paper and cut out a heart. Finally, we brainstorm three people that we love to write on our artwork! It’s a super simple activity that requires minimal prep work! You can grab my writing paper here for free!


Oh gosh… and can we also discuss how there will always be a few students who assemble their craftivity incorrectly after you’ve demonstrated how to put it together and hung an example on the board?? I always use this activity as a little informal assessment tool to see which students struggle with spatial reasoning or simple directions.

Well, there you have it! Enjoy this fun, simple book and craft with your students!

Looking for more reader response activities? These are just a few examples! Check out my other book companions here!

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